dont look back, ever

February 25, 2009
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Take me by my hand
And we will walk proudly through this crowd
Before anything can be done,
We have to promise
To never let go.
To never separate.
You've got to promise.
Never leave me.
Even through the toughest of times.
Take me by my hand
And we will walk proudly through this crowd.
Even if they stare
When they stare.
At us.
You can't look back.
Back at the storm of people.
Following us.
That's the past.
Now is now,
Don't ever forget that.
If you look back,
I know you will want to leave.
You will cry.
Because you looked back.
At all things we've done.
And at your past.
The bad
And the good
You've done.
To the world.
To me.
To you.
So don't look back,
Don't leave me.
I need you.
The past is done.
You can't change your past,
No one can.
Now is now
And don't look back
Your past does not define who you are
People change.
You can be a completely different person
Then who you were last week.
I need you,
Don't leave,
Don't look back.

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