secret nights

February 25, 2009
Little hallways creek with pity
the rats munch on grains hard and gritty
slowly walks the girl dark and confused
shell never forget this feeling she rues
she opens her window stops and stares
never forgetting his beautiful glares
he would meet her at nightfall...
calm and still was the night
knowing that he would hold her so tight
then suddenly there was a tap at the door
wondering quietly, what was in store
then, she saw his gorgeous face
as he pulled her in for a tight embrace
it didnt take her long to notice this
he was pulling her in for their verry first kiss
his lips moved with hers at ease
doing exactly what she pleased

he picked her up and layed her down.....

she opened her eyes with intense shock
wondering why her door had stayed unlock
she felt his lips in her ear
knowing that he would treat her dear
she looked at the small palette on the floor
knowing why there was an unlocked door

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