Not All Drugs are Illegal

February 25, 2009
By Sydney Moore BRONZE, Carmel, Indiana
Sydney Moore BRONZE, Carmel, Indiana
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He breathed into me
Warm and accepting thoughts that expanded my lungs
Filling my chest with subtle toxins
That mingled among heart-beating carbon dioxide.

Chaos surrounded the car around us,
All lights and sounds burst from the seems
And as heat filled the depths that cold so often took over
A warmth began to blur the mind to a faint hum

Tasting his exhale on my tongue,
My concentration faltered,
Asking for more than my own breath
To quiet the straining.

So I held him in until the last possible moment,
Ignoring the music, the sounds, the lights
All focus was on one moment
And I gave in to the call for air

Smoke escaped the windows and floated down the underpass
Throwing away the breaths that I had held on to so desperately,
They were fading away in order to remember
That there was more to it than a memory.

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