Disappoint the Expectations

February 25, 2009
By xoxokaty PLATINUM, Indianapolis, Indiana
xoxokaty PLATINUM, Indianapolis, Indiana
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Looking at what I used to be
Looking at what I am now
Disappointment crosses my face
As it does all others
No one expects much from me
I don't give anything to expect
Expectations at a low
But I still can't live up to them
They all shake their heads in disappointment
Smile with sympathy
Hiding their ways to condescend
Maybe I should give up
Maybe failure is my friend
So then it would be nothing new,
If I fail everything I try
I don't get the time of day
Nor the opportunity to achieve
Should I fight for what I don't deserve
For what is not expected
I do like to try
Failure has become accustomed though
Do you think it doesn't phase me
These looks of condescend
I don't try to fail
You probably think
I fail to try.

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