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February 25, 2009
By bleedingink BRONZE, Orinda, California
bleedingink BRONZE, Orinda, California
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There is hypocrisy in this nation.
A nation built on the backs of billboards, and fast food restaurants.
Crafted from the salaries of immigrants, and the manipulated minds of the masses.
A nation reaching out across tampered airwaves, and bugged phone lines.

There is a war going on in this nation.
A war fought with, not bullets and guns, but with pens and paper.
Where a signature in an empty room serves as a death warrant for thousands.
Where a shredded document is more dangerous than an atomic bomb.
A war where the real soldiers never pull a trigger.
Where Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Wal-Mart are the generals, and free speech is the insurgent.

There is a war going on in this nation.
A war of attrition, where those who die are killed, not instantaneously in a blaze of gunfire, but over time. Killed by advertisements
Where nicotine infused death sticks masquerading as candy
and deep fried, unsaturated processed fat masquerading as food kill thousands every year.
Yet, still they stock the shelves. Still they buy the ads.
And then they shoot the ads into outer space, into the satellites.
The satellites that refract the beams to home television and to home computers
Satellites that watch every move, every step, every breath, that everyone takes.
Satellites that play god in this country.

We have religion in this nation.
A religion where the pews are green and the alters are printed with the faces of Lincoln and Washington.
Where indulgences are bought and sold at such a fast rate, that nobody notices.
Nobody notices what's really going on.
What's actually happening.
They are too busy voting for robots, filing and compiling sheets of data for corporate zombies.
Too busy using their religion to purchase tickets in order to get the next strain of soma pouring from televised screens, magazines, internet sites and movie theatres.

There is a society in this nation.
A society where people are blocked into groups
Where paths of life are chosen far before some people are even born.
Where people sit in jail cells without even realizing it.
Where straightjackets disguised as suits, choke and infect even the proudest of souls.
A society where the have not's, will always not have. Save for a select few who become puppets.

There is a dream in this nation.
A dream so distant from reality.
A dream that the poor will become rich, and everyone will own their own swimming pool jacuzzi combos while barbequing on their granite patio that happens to overlook the rolling green hills of upper class America.
Where life is nothing but games, where everyone knows how to throw a ball through a hoop.
Where it will always be sunny, and their five story, Italian style homes, complete with satellite TV, home offices, big screen computers, touch screen sofas, voice recognition bedtimes, thought recognized realities and automatic toilets will keep them warm at night.
But this is not the reality, it is just a dream.

The reality is that there is injustice in this nation.
The reality is those who are rewarded with soma, with religion, with their Italian homes and stocked refrigerators are the puppets, the zombies and the drones.
This nation is not what it seems, and neither is the high life, the right life.
Neither is a Macdonald's hamburger.
A Macdonald's hamburger is not meat, and actors only perform charity because they have to.

Nothing is what is seems in this nation.
The politicians are actually whores, selling themselves to the highest bidders
The athletes are actually slaves to the marketing system
The corporation owners and managers, are actually zombies, breathing but not alive, just cogs in the machine.
Drugs are not illegal, there is no war on terrorism, the cure for cancer will never be found because no one is looking for it, we don't care about other countries, the government isn't there to protect you, and an apple, altered, sprayed, disinfected, washed, genetically transfigured and eradiated, is no longer an apple!

There is something wrong with this nation.
And no one seems to notice.

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