Springtime Memories and Hopeful Futures

February 25, 2009
By Mc Wonder SILVER, Fairfax, Virginia
Mc Wonder SILVER, Fairfax, Virginia
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springtime brings back memories
just like a photo book
the look
the feel
the taste
the touch
I love it all so very much

the cool wind brushing through my hair
the players at my back
I kick the ball so perfectly
you hear a silent smack
my foots connected with the ball
sends it flying through the air
over the goalie
just out of reach
it glides into the net

my teammates cheer
our opponents sigh
we won the game
that's not a lie
I am a bird
so free and proud
I scored the goal
I never let down
never gave up
held my head high
achieved my big goal
now I soar through the sky

run down the field
in front of my fans
the dream I've always wished for
my lifelong plan
it's here and now
I'm back were I belong

out on the field
as the crowd sings there song
they whistle and cheer
as the trophy is passed
down the line of players
into my hands at last
I feel the hard gold
as a smile crosses my face
I no this wonderful feeling
and boy it feels great

after waiting so long
I'm back on the field
I never gave up
never let down
I owe you my world
my life
and my heart
you kept me encouraged
you killed all my doubt
you made me the player
that I am today
and now I have
just one thing to say

you gave me my life back
helped me achieve my big goal
I owe you so much
but all i have are these words
I give you my heart
I no it won't break
and as long as your there
I'll have a smile on my face

The author's comments:
although this is not my best poem i have written it gets out my feelings
it starts out with all of my memories from past soccer seasons and in stanza 4 it changes over to what i hope will happen in the future if i ever get to play again
this is in a way connected to my other poem "Losing it All" it is about the same thing

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