You Can't Be Afraid To Live

February 25, 2009
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I got the call from the bearer of bad news.
I sat in silence realizing this new truth.
You were the one that was loved best,
and to think of this happening to you is so messed.
How could you pass in your youth?
This can't be true; it can't be true.
And how could we be taken away from our best?
This just doesn't make sense; it's senseless.
Now we sleep, but we don't rest.
I try to sleep the pain away,
but I'm only led to nightmares,
and then I awake in that same sullen dream.
When will you wake up?
It still hasn't hit me that you'll never be back,
that you'll never be around again.
Harshly and quickly, the world just lost a best friend.
Now this harsh autumn wind feels worse than ever
without your warmth to brighten up all our days.
We got up and got dressed,
in the darkest shades of pure sorrow.
Looking at you, our eyes mist and then pour.
Without you, our hearts break and then drop to the floor.
Everything is so hard when it's you that we miss.
You told the world that "you can't be afraid to live."
What a beautiful instruction to give.
You and your words will forever live long
in the minds and hearts of everyone you've ever known.
The impact you have made on all of us is permanent.
All your passion was well spent;
you must have been heaven sent.
And now heaven just gained the most admirable angel
that anyone could ever finagle.
And that poem goes on and on in my mind:
"Do not stand at my grave and cry,
I am not there, I did not die."
You will never die in our minds;
your smile still shines bright in our eyes.
With one last heart break and shallow breath,
my tear-soaked face turns around.
The casket closes...
and you're gone.

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