February 25, 2009

The sunset haunts me
With it's endless flow of colors
And the ever-fading glory
Of another wasted day

I want to draw my finger
Across the painted lines of God
And ruin their bright suspension
With the jagged edge of my nail

I only hate it because of you;
Want to blur the brilliance because of you;
Need to shut the window, block it out:
All these things I do for you'

Ignoring the words that you once used-
'Look at the colors, baby'
While I block out the faux gray of your lips
Only because I feel ashamed

I can't imagine the truth
The purple Green blue of your eyes-
The things that I can't see,
Now even gray is being denied to me

I stare down at the white
Of what I know is cr'me and sliver
As it lines your fresh new casket:
As it drowns your beautiful face

Denial makes me blind,
Blind to more than yellow, blue, red
A curse of so many tears
That abandoned me in my gray world

I'd die to see the colors
That I smear across the sun
With the gray (no, crimson) of my fingers
As they cry in place of my dying eyes

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