February 25, 2009
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Candy is a delicious treat
One which neither you nor I can beat
But here are some things you may not know
And lucky for you I'm willing to show
Cavemen were the first to invent this treat
Taking hives of honey and drying them in heat
After they were through they had taffy like candy
And lucky for us was delicious and dandy
Some people dont see these treats as we see them
Some go crazy and make an entire museum
Its not based on the candy, but the wrappers no doubt
And now I will tell you what this museums all about
They began collecting wrappers in 1977
And now have created a candy wrapper heaven
She has eaten most of the candy in her quite large collection
but now her museum is nothing but perfection
They'd like you to think of the wrapper as a painting
I think you're starting to get the point I am stating
There are some people who are a little in love
With some candy we know as Hershey and Dove
Americans annualy eat 21 pounds
But it isn't that much; its not what it sounds
The Dutch eat nearly threee times as much
And that's not including chocolate and fudge
So now wonder many of Americans are obese
We cant stay away from these tasty treats
Now I will tell you a humuorous joke
It is about a leopard, are you ready, lets go
Someone once asked me what a leopard's favorite candy is
The answer was dots do you get it? I did
Well, thats about it, thats all I wanted to say
So dont eat too much cady and have a nice day!

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