February 25, 2009
By emilyalisa_b BRONZE, Fort Meade, Maryland
emilyalisa_b BRONZE, Fort Meade, Maryland
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As I look into his bright green shining eyes
I wonder why I'm his chosen bride
Of every girl instead of me
Why was I the one to receive?
All of the smiles, laughs, and joy
And this bouncing baby boy
Of whose father means the world to me
Until I look past something hard to see
Of all the kisses, hugs, and love
It's still hard to picture I'm the one
That he wants day and night
To cuddle with and hold tight
So many girls who want him so
But he loves me, a choice so low
Compared to all that he could be
The models and girls from TV
And here I am, a simple girl
The one he dances with and twirls
The one who looks at him night and day
The one with whom he wants to stay
And there he is, the love of my life
Pretending everything is alright
He writes me songs and kisses my head
Right before we get in bed
And this is where the secrets stop
The doubts, the fears, are all gone
Because something in the way he sleeps
Reassures that it's of me
And when we wake from our peaceful slumber
I'm ecstatic that of his kids, I'm the mother
And more joy comes when he turns to me
And tells me he loves only me

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem for my boyfriend of one year and four months.

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