Opposing Sides

February 25, 2009
By Erin Carmichael SILVER, Park City, Utah
Erin Carmichael SILVER, Park City, Utah
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Opposing Sides

Black and White
Light and Dark
You and Me

Not the same
Never the same
Different points of view

What is it
That makes us different,
You and I?
Is it color, shape, size?

Or is it more?
Is there something in our heads
That has somehow made us
Polar opposites?

Is it what we believe?
How we see things?
How we see each other?

How do you see me?
When you look in my eyes,
Who am I to you?
Am I short, tall, fat skinny?

Beautiful, sweet, fun to be around?
Or am I ugly, a bore to hang out with?

These opinions you have of me,
Why do you have them?
Is it because we are so different,
You have to give me a label?

They say,
'Opposites attract'
But do they really?
Will we ever be friends?
Yes, I know we are not the same,
I know we are different,
We are black and white
Light and dark
You and me

But face it, if you were not black,
I would not be white.
If I were not dark,
You would not be light.
If you weren't you,
I wouldn't be me.

So you see,
Even if we are different,
Even if we disagree,
You are still you,
And I am still me

Without you, I would be no one,
A canvas left unpainted,
An unlit candle
A story left untold
Not me.

You complete me,
The last piece in the puzzle,
Now finished, because of

My opposite.
My enemy.
My soul mate.
My friend.

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on Mar. 19 2009 at 4:03 pm
undignified SILVER, Dryden, Washington
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this is pretty cool!

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