Tears of an Innocent Child

February 25, 2009
By Tashaneika Butler BRONZE, Panama City, Florida
Tashaneika Butler BRONZE, Panama City, Florida
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Pain sets in, as the tears run down my cheeks
Clueless and shocked at what's happening to me

Laying me down without permission, doing things
But you claim that this is love, now what the hell does that mean

I'm begging you repeatedly to stop and just let me go
But you cover up my mouth and continue hurting me some more

When you've finished your work, you decide to let me leave
Hurt, walking with pain, unable to even speak

I'm embarrassed at what has happened to me; I thought you were my man
I flinch at every sight of you, when it's me that I can't stand

I sit in my room; the darkness fills my weary eyes
Feeling alone in the world with no one to hear my cries

Bruised inside and out with not one person to heal my pain
A caged bird deep inside, as my memory disrupts my brain

Disappearing from my own reflection, shot out by millions of miles
Crying over and over again, the tears of an innocent child.

The author's comments:
i wrote it for a class piece and she loved it.(the teacher)

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