February 25, 2009
The wind
That a moment before
Was so calm
Now rushes by
Blowing my long pony tail
Behind me

My legs pump
Not an ounce of strain
Do I feel
Only the thrill of the speed

As I go
I zone out
Not a thing do I think
I remember
I am running
Doing something
Entirely pleasurable
With not a worry
In the World

I feel the ribbon
Telling me
The race is done
But that
Is not what
I want

I hear
The roar of the crowd
I have won the race

As I wait
In my lane
The timer
Tells me my Time

I jog over
Sit in the chair
Tell my time
Get congratulated
Jog over
Over to the Crowd
I spot
My mom and dad
They have
Big smiles
Plastered on
Their Faces

'Good job'
I hear
I smile
And give them hugs

I sigh
It wasn't over
That I wouldn't
Get tired
And could run

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