Mystery Meat Poems

February 25, 2009
By Dameventh BRONZE, Otisco, Indiana
Dameventh BRONZE, Otisco, Indiana
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Spam (Haikau)

Spam is a grat food
Spam is a mystery meat.
I want to eat Spam.

Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are a summer treat.
With ketchup and mustard, they are exquisite.
Best cooked on a large hot grill.
These fine meats make an easy Meal
Everyone Wonders what is in this meat.


Bologna is a mystery meat.
Sometimes great and good to eat.
If you see in the the store.
You'll come back to buy some more!
It's been fried, its been diced.
Sometimes even baked and sliced!
It may not be the best tasting meat.
But I assure you, that its a great treat!

The author's comments:
These poems were made for our Multi-Genre English project. The entire project is over Mystery meats; mainly Spam, Bologna and Hot Dogs.

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