Not an illusion

February 25, 2009
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Is love truly a feeling
Or merely and illusion of the heart?
What I feel for you
Cannot be put into words,
But is it truly love?
The way I yearn for you
The feeling in my heart is strong,
But is it truly love?
My stomach becomes shaken
At the moment of your gentle kiss,
But is it truly love?
Middle school relationships
The love of a month,
An illusion of the heart.
This time stopping,
World spinning,
Heart stopping,
Mind blowing,
Jaw dropping,
All together wonderful
Way I feel about you.
That my darling,
Is love.
Not a feeling,
But continual moments
That makes you stop and realize'
He is there with you.
The way he looks in your eyes
Is real.
He's crazy about you
And you wouldn't have it any other way.
Look in my eyes
Without speaking you will know'
The feelings are real
And will never fade.
You wonder,
Why I love you?
There is no other
Who know me like you.
No other can make me feel
The way you do.
There will never be another who
Cares, holds me,
Occupies my mind,
Believes in me,
Touches my heart,
Knows my every thought
The way you do.
This is why I love you
And it is not an illusion.

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