Sleep Apnea

February 25, 2009
By Catherine Daugherty BRONZE, Charlestown, Indiana
Catherine Daugherty BRONZE, Charlestown, Indiana
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I listen to his heart beat
I feel his steady breath against my cheek
He sleeps heavily
I stay awake like every night before
I need to be ready, just in case
He stirs slightly his breath faltering
I pause, waiting ,waiting for the moment-
I gently relax when his breathing is returned
He stops breathing again, this time no quick return
I tense up praying for the next one soon
I panic when it never comes
He doesn't move
I try not to cry, but I'm not strong, I've weakened over many years
I reach for the phone, the dialtone sings
He jerks awake and looks for the sound
I smile relieved
I'm grateful for my husband's breath
He smiles his old crinkly smileand tells me

"Don't worry it's the Sleep

I smile back, but inside I cringe
I desperately wish everytime his breath stops
He'll wake again because with our old age, it won't always be just Sleep Apnea

The author's comments:
This poem is about a very elderly women listening to her husband's heart beats and breathing. He has always suffered with Sleep Apnea, but with his age she knows that if she just brushes it off as Sleep Apnea he may die.
In this poem I show the effect Sleep Disorders have on others not just the ones who have it.

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