MIddle School

February 24, 2009
By Courtney Rhodes BRONZE, Huntiongton Beach, California
Courtney Rhodes BRONZE, Huntiongton Beach, California
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Middle School
Listen you lucky young ones
Who are still in your youth
No one said it was going to be easy
But no one could prepare you
It's called MIDDLE SCHOOL!

It's the most troubling parts of your youth
Friends, homework, BO, and zits
All of it is just a balancing act
One moment your hanging with your friends taking some hits
The next thing you know your drowning in homework
Before you know it things pile up
Your stressed because of gossip and guess what
You've got a zit, just great
Could things get much worse

Oh believe me they could
And they will
Hormones kick in
OH and believe me you will hit an awkwardness
Believe me zits, braces, and BO make it much worse
But that's just the bad thing that middle school brings upon
Of course there are good things too
You feel a new sense of pride
Taking care of yourself
When you accomplish your goal
You feel like your on top of the world

Don't you forget about the classes
They go by so much faster
Things go by in a haze
Oh! don't let me forget
all the new friends you will make
School is much more enjoyable
When you know everyone just about
Everyday you can't wait til summer
First seventh grade passes you by
Now you are the big, strong, and mighty eight grader
But when eighth grade comes to a close
You wonder why you wanted it to end
Now that it is all over you want to start all over again

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