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February 24, 2009
By chelsea mock BRONZE, Cottonwood Falls, Kansas
chelsea mock BRONZE, Cottonwood Falls, Kansas
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You know how to bleed now, dont you?
You know how to hide it now, dont you?
You know you wont fight it now, or will you?
Because you know how it works now, dont you?
and you just wanna hurt now, don't you?

No longer will bleed now, will you?
No longer can hide it now, can you?
No longer see how it works now, do you?
And theres no fighting it now.

But you still wanna hurt now, dont you?

But now its absorbed you
Youve got an addiction
And you cannot hide it
And there is no fixing.

Because it's destroyed you
No way to fight it
But you still need that hurt now, Dont you?

You know youll never stop
and you know youll never try
all these gifts youve been given
and you still want to die.

The author's comments:
I think this one kinda sucked, but ill put it up anyway... :]

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