Love Swings and Mood Rings

February 24, 2009
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You're cold most of the time
But I just let my fingers find
Cracks in your freezing lines

Broken minds and fractured times
Letting the chilled air move through these forest pines
It's how I sleep at night
The calmness of your breathe
Brings death to the fear
That was building inside thee
I just want to know if you still like me

Write me a poem, something that rocks and raps
To and fro, breaking the status quo
So I know that you're still here
Calmly freezing
With me

Sitting in these trees, like children trying to feel bigger than the world will let us be
I wonder how you're still so cold
Can you save me from the monster that is me?

So bold it's hot
Hot like stove tops
I fling rocks off rooftops at classroom doorstops
Cus` even the brightest of us feels the pop of a last minute heartthrob

So warm, you feel it right now
Down on the sidewalks
The street talks
Love walks
Silence like pin drops
Childhood giggling like gumdrops

These are the things felt
When everything warms up
When no one cares that you're not so tough
When things are not so rough, for once

You can breathe air and see clearly, you're nearly healed
The cold has yielded from view
I love this feeling but what about you?
Is it something you're still willing to do?
Maybe even till we're old too?
Am I worth a shot?
Am I worth a shot?
Am I worth a, will you let me be that hot stove top
Breaking those cold lines that plague your face

Rebuilding our lives
At a turtles pace

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