Not a Word

February 24, 2009
By joewalla BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
joewalla BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
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I could see it in your eyes, as you slowly pulled away, not a word was spoken yet.
We walked and talked around in circles, dancing around the reasons for our ren dez vouz.
A subtle wind blew me back in forth as I tried to hold my sanity within,
but painful memories always taunt me when I think of giving in.

I loosely held your hand in mine, as I felt you slip away.
You spoke the words that I could already hear inside.
With my heart in your hands you were soft and gentle, like the day,
But a subtle stomp still leaves me drowning in dissaray.

You left me beneath the gray clouds and the prisons of my mind,
In your departure I swear I heard a whimper in the sky.
The heavens opened up and painted a picture for us.
with the whirlwinds coming down as my thoughts formed in the atmosphere.

How quickly that dreary peace fled in face of violent storms.
I faught my way back home amidst the torrential downpour.
I denied you the closure and the gentle peace of mind.
Because self pity and resentment were the only things to find.

We both tried to play the victim, because it's easier to be wounded than strong.
But in the good conscience of our dual hearts we knew that we were both wrong.

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