February 24, 2009
By Laney Eddington BRONZE, Mill Valley, California
Laney Eddington BRONZE, Mill Valley, California
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Flip Flip
Turn Turn
The answer isn't in this book i wrote
Many years I spent toiling away to make my life better
How am I supposed to live with out
a purpose, direction, or answer.

Throw this book into the flames
Along with all the memories
Memories that burn up like fakes
Thats how I know they weren't real
Real memories are as hard as steal
shimming in the mind like silver
Along with all the memories the feelings and words too.

That's ok I'll write a knew book
With someone else with someone new
This time I'll make it real
Real as the sun
Real as the moon
These memories will last forever
like the book
I threw into the flames

The author's comments:
This peice was inspired by a friend. Apon the ending of our friendship I found out in a harsh way that a lot of the memories we had were nothing of meaning to them. This drove me and a few of my other friends to write songs and poams.

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