February 24, 2009
A few years back when I was sad
I found a shovel and started to dig
A hole in the ground where I could hide
Though it wasn't very big
It started out as a refuge
A place where I felt safe
But I started to feel worse and worse
And turned into a waif
Every time that I felt sad
Or was having a bad day
I would find my trusty shovel
And dig deeper to get away
At first I was very careful
I made sure that I could still see the sky
I didn't want to go so far
That I had to say goodbye
But I broke that vow to myself
And the hole became something more
And before I knew it I couldn't see
Or feel the sun anymore
And once I was in my tunnel
I didn't feel like getting out
I just sat there in my shame
For help I didn't shout
I sat there for a good long time
For days, and months, and years
Until one day I decided
That it was time to face my fears
I got on my knees and started to crawl
Searching for the light
No longer being the victim
I was prepared to fight
And then the other day when I
Had stopped crawling so I could rest
I saw something that made me smile
And my heart bang in my chest
Because though it was still far away
And I had a long way to go
I saw a flicker of light from afar
That I remembered from long ago
And now I'm crawling faster
The day is approaching when I will be
Basking in the warm sunlight
And back to being me.

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