February 24, 2009
By Elmairi GOLD, Durham, North Carolina
Elmairi GOLD, Durham, North Carolina
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writhing in pain
wrapped in the bedsheets
blinds shut
eyes the same
everything hurts
nothing helps
not any quiet
soothing music
no cold washcloth
lying askew across
your burning forehead
blessed bitter release
from this awful torture
its taste in the back
of your mouth
its reminder evokes
tears of hot frustration
why do you have to be
this way
shh relax
it'll go away soon
slide into oblivion
a quiet black-out
sleep an hour
two maybe more
upon waking you'll feel
better by far
don't stand up yet
you'll fall over
you'll be ok
keep your balance
go downstairs
it's late
you need food
eat talk some
some homework perhaps
can be done
back upstairs with you
you were sick
and need sleep
so go
sleep some more
tomorrow comes
bright and early
be ready
sleep well
stay well

The author's comments:
this is what happens when i don't get enough sleep. and it's awful. and because it happened recently in a mild form, it was fresh on my mind, the reminder of what happens to me. ugh...

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