A Pittsburg End.

February 24, 2009
By Victoria Bonds BRONZE, Pittsburg, California
Victoria Bonds BRONZE, Pittsburg, California
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Came back to this city,
thinking it would be the same.
But nothing familiar here,
just a whole lotta lames.
What have I done?
Is it to late to run,
to late to get out?
Decisions set in stone,
no quitting this time.
Looking around all I want to do is cry.
People I've known for what feels like my whole life,
struggling and doing drugs,
and I'm asking god why?
So young, so sweet, so incomplete.
yet so ready to throw it all away.
Prepared to end life,
though it just begun.
Young dudes so scared
now they carrying guns,
Look into the eyes see my young friends soul,
so scared, so nervous, so not in control.
Almost too difficult.
Close my eyes so not to see.
But its in my head.
In my dreams,
My nightmare is his reality.
got love for my city but hate what it does.
Feel the need to ask god,
show all these people love.
Dope fiend, drug dealer, and bumb on the street.
Is this the future my young friends are destined to meet?
How could they so easily accept defeat?

Ignorance is bliss,
As some might say.
But what happens when the denial fades away?
Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends.
Ignore there's a problem,
until there's an end.
But does it end?
An ongoing struggle to stay free from the drugs.
Running from the truth.
And Waiting for the love.
but that's just that.
Its how it begins
Trade the love for the drugs.
Now you have no real friends
Another tragic end.
To the life they seek to live.
Not the first,
Not the last.
Another tragic end.
A pittsburg end.

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