February 24, 2009
By Elmairi GOLD, Durham, North Carolina
Elmairi GOLD, Durham, North Carolina
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It monsooned this morning
Rained like you wouldn't believe
Not just fingertaps on the window
But the whole orchestral timpani

Everyything green and becoming green
Reflecting the celestial-drape blue
Elements combined like the horizon
Beautiful haze

Open the door inhale
Exhale inhale and again
Love the smell of the world in rain
Let it wash around you

Go outside and take it all in
Rain like this doesn't happen often
Absorb the water let your skin sing
Taste the rain and laugh for sheer joy

Dance in the rain with euphoria
You know you should
As you spin fling water from your hair
Throw away cares and simply splash

This is the morning it's all yours
No one else is awake
The rain stops as the sun rises further
Let it dry you off as it climbs higher

Welcome the new day, fresh with rain
And relish the feeling of it all.

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