Future Frustrations

February 24, 2009
By Jennifer Blank BRONZE, Nokesville, Virginia
Jennifer Blank BRONZE, Nokesville, Virginia
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Future Frustrations


Young and Alive

Young and Alive,
Given nuts and bolts,
Sent down the assembly line
To retrieve the data,
Filled with useless information,
And some that is necessary,
Than shipped off to College,
Able to go,
But unable to breath.


Curls that reach the sky,
Inspire me to move on.
Tiny hands of grace,
Allow me to forgive.
Pitter, patters at night,
Make me smile.
Blue eyes that breathe innocence,
Calm my tense soul.
When she screams, 'Mommy,'
I am reminded of the love I have been given.

Than the world yells,
And I awake to an empty desk,
And hawkish eyes that deceive.



I have grown tired of this repetitious world. It looks for a fast track, yet it slows its youth down. It expects me to go with the flow or fail. It watches my every move and nabs at every mistake. I can not strike without being hindered and I can not wait without being slaughtered. I am of no mind to this world and therefore why should it be of any mind to me?


I do not know what I truly want. All I know are these voices pounding from every side. I am not ready to face tomorrow because they do not give me a chance to speak or even think. They rush my very existence and squeeze out every chance I have to breathe. I am not me because they won't let me be me, because all that matters to them are their ideas and not mine. I am an ant in their food, and not the future that brings about new promise. I am the rock in their shoe, and not someone with new found ideas. I am the seed of promise that they can not bring themselves to see. I am me and I am not going to let them destroy me, because of their forced hands that try to guide my every movement. Let me breath, let me live, let me fly.

Unwanted Decision

Tied to the ground like some useless animal, I wait for you to beat me. I even encourage it, like some arrogant child. You stare at me steaming, barely able to contain it any more. I have done nothing but allowed you to take it this far, because I trusted you, I believed you, and I thought that it would be the right thing to do. But in that I gave you nothing but power over me, power that you should not contain, yet even if I had stopped you I would still somehow end up in this very place. The only reason for that, being I some how came to the exact decision I would make no matter what'
I am not going. You hate me for that; you can barely look at me. Your pride in me has gone and you seek away to break me down, every time I pass you.

The author's comments:
This piece is about the frustrations I felt during my debate on wether or not to go to college.

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