A Water Colored Masterpiece

February 24, 2009
By Karsyn<3 SILVER, Park City, Utah
Karsyn<3 SILVER, Park City, Utah
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Looking back on my life I see a blur of watercolors.
Some are bright and warm,
Those are for when I shined my brightest.
When I was conquering my dreams,
'Chasing my destiny' as some would say.

Others are faded blues and purples.
These colors appear because I have not always had a glamorous life.
Yes, for me there have been many washouts,
Times in my life when all I could see was a darkness that haunted my every move.
All I could feel was the wind rushing past me as I fell,
Deeper into a never-ending pit.

It's funny.
When I was younger it seems as if I was blind to that pit.
I could just step around it, no problem, and no pain.
Now I am always on the edge of falling back in.

I do not know how I was freed from the falling,
Nor do I remember my first moments of fresh air.
Perhaps it just took time,
Perhaps I had been falling for so long that I did not realize when I started falling up.
Feeling the same wind pushing me, just toward the surface instead of farther down.

I am back.
I have seen the darker side and returned barely glowing.
When I think about my time in that pit I feel grateful.
It shaped and molded me for tomorrow,
Preparing me for the challenges ahead.

This is the story behind my water-colored life.
It's painting, though not the boldest masterpiece,
A masterpiece non the less.
The masterpiece of my life.

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