How Many Times Can a Heart Be Patched?

February 24, 2009
By Morgan Carlson BRONZE, Park City, Utah
Morgan Carlson BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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We started out pure and simple,
It was sweet and sure.
The world seemed alight and a-glow;
You could do no wrong.

Together we were strong and sure,
Nothing could come between us.
At first we were shy,
But soon we passed that by,
Ready to move forward.

It could not last, this dream,
For it was too perfect to stay.
I knew you would have to go away,
But why in such a manner?

Soon it all came crashing down,
When you went out and betrayed me.
I could feel the knife in my back,
Yet, still I tried to ignore it.

I went to you, my heart in my hands,
Tears rolling down my cheeks.
But all you did was look at me,
Before you walked away.

As I watched you fade into the distance,
I realized my mistake.
Too trusting, to willing, to unsuspecting;
That is what I had been.

I swore to never love again,
For surely my heart would not survive,
If he broke it yet again.
How many times can a heart be patched?

Turning cold, I hid away.
No one could reach me there.
Deep was I in my despair . . .
Until you came along.

When would I ever learn
That life's no fairytale?
No Prince Charming
Can ever heal all my hurt.

Still, I think I must let him try.

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