December 6, 2008
By Brittany M., Va Beach, VA

Head half way out of the car window
Tongue’s flying as we ride slow
I taste the bugs in my mouth
Headed to mommy’s going south
No pit stops along the way
I have to hold it in until we get to Quinton V.A.
Pacing, trying to find a good place to rest
With all the noise I try to do my best
The smell of people food makes me hungry
But I know I can’t have it ‘cause I’m a doggy
After the nice petting’s of everyone
It was getting late and the fun was done
Finally the long two hours were through
Now I can get out to take a poo
When everyone has fallen asleep
I go in and lay by the girl’s feet
The night is done so I wake
Going downstairs to see what mess I can make

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