My Morning Adventure

November 25, 2008
By Anais Lowe Lowe, New Orleans, LA

Early this morning when the sky was gray,
My cat decided to go out and play.
When it was time for him to come inside,
He scampered away to run and hide.
He tried to go under the house into the dark.
I caught him, and he bit me like a great white shark.
He was not a happy kitty when I brought him back.
Lucky for both of us he did not need a bath.
I was not very thrilled with my morning perspire,
But I went off to school to learn and aspire.
When I came home from school to see my naughty cat,
He apologized to my by giving me a pat.
I brushed and fed him and hugged him just so,
But I wondered how tomorrow would go.

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