World of Warcraft

February 25, 2009
By Anonymous

When you first enter this world of magic
Medieval times seem so tragic
As many lives fade away
And suffer the crime of death and decay

Blood and bones scatter the ground
As blades and bows are also found
The endless war between alliance and horde
Meaningless fighting that none can afford

Flames flying through the sky
As if hell had passed right by
While ice and snow block all light
As the fight continues throughout the night

The icy wastes of Northrend wait
For heroes of all as of late
Through freezing wind and bitter cold
Wait stories of lore, yet untold
As the Lich King has yet to be dethroned
And tales of defeat so far unknown

The author's comments:
I was inspired to play this game by one of my cousins, and since I've started playing, I have very often been "revising" some of the things that happen in the Warcraft series.

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