What if God's a Woman

October 31, 2008
By Alexis Cash, Rockaway, NJ

What if God's a Woman?

It strikes up the connotation of strong and built.
A titan that breaks through the barriers of a common letter-G
A dandelion that graces back and forth upon the wind in the letter-O
A man in the finite and practicality of the letter- D

But what if, what if everything we thought was wrong
The greatest screw up and chauvinist byproduct in the world
Greater than Cain and Abel, greater than Jezebel or Judas
This was men who had no clue, men who couldn't understand
So they took the world in their own hands
And she became a he
One small letter, that gave birth to every rape, battery, and common thought
as 'I am better than you.'
Gave birth to every extra glance that men feel they have the right to take
Gave birth to every girl who hangs their head just a littler lower
Laughs a little higher, and pukes just a little more
Because of one letter

What if God's a Woman?
What if one ordinary day (filled with its anguish over money, and fights over common sense)
God decided to come on down.
Make a visit upon her land- say hello to Mother Nature
As she walked the streets in her iridescent glow- would people run away screaming
Or gap and drool
As she bought a coffee at Starbucks just to see what the fuss was about
Would people forget how to make a Frappucino or call the cops?
Would paparazzi show up and make her the headline on the next Star Ledger
'Glowing Woman- friend or foe?'

Would people believe she was God even if she didn't tell them
or just a crazed glowing woman?
Just a freak show.

Would women be envious of her?
Would she have flowing hair like a siren in the sea or would she be bald like a woman sufferer of cancer?
Would she be tall and lanky or built like a woman on steroids?
Would she have brown eyes or the special blue that only grows brighter from a blue polo?
Who would this women be?-
Be because of how she looks not because of who she is
Is that too hard to believe, to extreme in the extremes of life
Believe in the concept of genocide and Aids, believe in annihilations of races
But that God is a Woman- a giver of life
That is just too far.

What if God's a Woman?
And every day she weeps over the trespass of one letter
of the erasing mark that took away her right
what if God's a Woman and every woman on earth
Has a little of her inside
A gift from beyond- because of the bull move a few men played
A game of chess they never thought they'd lose
A game that they believed was the right thing to do

Or maybe just maybe?
God made them do it, so that when humans died and went to be judged
When they saw her face and smelled her skin
They would know- the greatest cover up of all mankind
And men would scream and cry- for all the wrong they did
And women would smile and glow their own iridescent light.

Maybe, just maybe.

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