The Fading of American Families

October 24, 2008
By Anonymous

Look here at this photo, see my family so fine.
I'm proud to say these people are a family of mine.
Until one day my father comes home drunk and raving mad.
I blot out from my photo, the image of my dad.
Upset at these events, my mother wants divorce.
Now they both have been erased from my photo with great force.
My parents both remarry; my life's a downcast haze.
It's as though my current life is an awful soap-opera play.

My sister is in mourning, her life is quite dipressed;
She tries some drugs, now those she loves, my heart's becoming stressed!
The people that i know, condole me once or twice;
But i really see the awful truth when looking in their eyes.
THey do not see a problem, much, for drugs, abuse, divorce.
This is all so common now, it's just life's winding course.
But at home i do recall when my family would shine,
And I was proud to call these folks a family of mine.

The photo, the faded photo, shows my heart's true agony;
Morals, convictions, relationships too, are lost to my family.

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