My Conern for Him

October 14, 2008
By Anonymous

It all started when I caught my brother and my best friend
Getting to friendly behind my back
He tell me he hates me
and wishes I would die

He¡¯s said it so much
I can no longer cry
He cusses my dad
He cusses my mom

Sometimes at night
Things go off like a bomb
We try to control him but he¡¯s never calm
He¡¯s like a demon

i try to hold on to him
but its like me trying to grab the air
as much as you try
its never going to be there

If my brother comes back
Maybe for me he will care
He needs to stop all the pushing and shoving
And understand my parents have always been loving

His girlfriend is like the devil
Forcing a slave to do evil
He throws is life away over a girl
He treats her like a precious pearl

All she really is, is trash
She told a lie to make my family crash
So basically my brother I have lost
My family he has cost

Inside I fell like my brother is dead
But its just because the things he¡¯s said
All I wont is my brother back
So a brother I will not have to lack

The author's comments:
Never let someone slip away
cause if there gone to long
things will never be okay

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