september ends

October 12, 2008
By Anonymous

Some had children, and some talked to God
We will wake up filled with painful memories of them,
But freedom rang even when the world stopped spinning

Clouds of ashes and smoke only spoke to the world,
But the crashes shouted in anger

Some of us have forgotten them,
But our heroes still rest above in peace
The planes held the citizens and the enemies,
Flyin’ through the sky

While in the beginning this country was based on loyalty,
Now we have glory and honor for America

Some stood there in shock,
others went to the sights one at mall and river
luck never lasts,
but a sunset is forever
we are unified in faith, hope, and love
but we can only imagine
the beautiful wonders if our nation had not been attacked.

But we fought back and tried,
So we can clearly see
The liberty and trust in our country.

People held hands,
Even with strangers
And they prayed,
For what was on their mind
And everyone could not wait that day,
Till September ends.

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