Don't Worry, You're Okay, Love You

October 10, 2008
By Anonymous

October 9, 2008

You’re going to be okay
You’ll be
Just promise me you know
You’ll be okay
Just promise me this,
C-------- Rae
Everything will be fine
You’ll be okay
I know you hurt now, but you’re okay
You’re sweet and you’re strong
And you’re
I love you, I love you
And so many others do too
I know you don’t feel it now
But their lives would suck
Without you
You came into this world
And already have changed it
And even when you’re down, you still rearrange it
You’re stronger than you know
And you’re
Not only are you fine,
You’re magical
And everyone else
Is so thankful
That there’s such a girl
Like you
No one wants you to feel blue
You’re more than just
An inspiration
You’re a living, breathing girl
With limitations
And you rough yourself up, you give it to yourself
But no one would change a thing about you
And if they even knew you were hurting
They’d do all
They can do
Just promise me this, C--------- Rae
Just promise me, you know
You’ll be okay

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