Dear Mr. Unattentive

October 10, 2008
By Anonymous

Dear Mr. Unattentive,
you let me go,
I really did not think that would happen,
I thought you would man up,
pull me towards you and show me what you were thinking, what you were feeling,
but you let me walk away
let me leave,
turned me down,

you gave me nothing,
are you to stubborn?
or maybe you just don't care
you never cared
I was just there,
I can be replaced,
replaced by someone prettier
someone you can control
someone who never asks questions
someone who does not care how you act
you let me go,
I am alone,
I got what was coming to me,
for laying my heart out
you crushed it,
and what hurts the most
is that I let you in, i never planned to,
but I did and iIgot hurt
never again,
never again will I lay my heart out o the table unprotected by my outer shell,
never again will I let anyone use me,
the way you did,
never again will I be so stupid,
and never ever again,
will you have me
if you want me, I am gone
if you need me, Iam nowhere to be found,
if you want to hear my voice say your name, no longer can I speak
and if you need to see me again, I am invisible.
never again will i let you, or anyone put me through what you have
I will be stronger now,
I know what I am up against
I know how cold people can be
you showed me that,
thank you for showing me that
thank you for showing me that I can not get my way
that I will get hurt , if I speak up
thank you for being the ass that you are,
and thank you from preventing me from never making the same mistake again
from the bottom of my heart,
Thank you.

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