My name is...

October 8, 2008
By Anonymous

Today my name is lost
Lost in a maze
Lost in the fog
Trying to find myself
Dazed and confused about the future
Should I go to college?
Should I work?
I don’t know.

Yesterday my name was lonely
The only star left in a vast sky
The only fish on a wide pond.
Invisible to everyone around me

My name was once pain
Grieving from a loved one’s death
Suffering from my family falling apart
Injured by the words of others
Hurt when things go bad.

My teachers think my name is
White earth when they see my last name.
They think my name is Maria, my last name Cruz.

Other people think my name is delicate
like a crystal glass about to shatter.
A Eeyore timid and quiet
A Piglet who doesn’t know how to talk
Some think I’m the kindest person alive.

Inside I know I’m a dreamer.
An imaginative person who loves to create her own world
I fantasize of one day having the perfect home
A husband who as time passes, grows old with me
But fear that this dreams will never come true

But no matter if it’s now or tomorrow
the past or the future.
My name will always and forever be

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