The End of the World

October 6, 2008
By Christian Schou, Rockfall, CT

The End Of The World Hey Mommy why is the sky falling Dad, Dad why are the cops calling Hun look at the tv do you see what their airing yes dear and can you hear that the sirens are blaring I convulse in the street and all they do is stare but what could i expect from a civilization that doesnt care Excuse me Mr.President all missles have been fired and all are up for execution just as you desired hurry up pass the bottle let me get one more sip before my brain becomes friends with the bullet in this clip his vitals have stopped nurse he should be dead but why is he smiling and his eyes turning red colonel whats wrong what are we fighting just calm down soldier its getting exciting They said they had a cure freedom to those who comply but why must i hold my sister as we watch our brother die listen to all the screams thats our requiem my friend this is the apocolpyse the definition of the end --------------------------- saving smile In your eyes ive found paradise a sanctuary from the end you descended from the heavens this is more than just pretend cause i live to hold you and its killing me your far because your what i wished for on every shooting star your breathe perfection from your hair, eyes and lips you define beauty with your legs, thighs and hips babe the ground could collapse and the world could lose its place but id walk through apocalypse just to see your face -------------------------------- fall of grace I watch and I stare the skys going black im finally done theres no turning back the air is so cold and the rain greets my head what perfect weather for a day to be dead theres a skip in my step
yet my pace is so slow
im approaching the end
and im ready to go

sadness then strikes me
im up at the top
and im disappointed
its only a thousand foot drop

I lift my hand up
and wave to the crowd
then smile and laugh
as the sirens get loud

I dance and I spin
my speeds increase
then I hear angry voices
that belong to police

"hey you!"
"are you ------- crazy?!"
I grinned and I shouted
"no one can save me"

then I rearrange my self
and stand on one hand
they come rushing forward
while i was look where to land

to be dramatic I screame
"I just cant take anymore!"
I push off the concrete
and I begin to soar

finally i couldnt worry
no i couldnt think about the past
because nothing could possibly matter
when your falling this fast

but i decided for my last moments
yes, right before I die
I think that ill be graceful
and show the birds how to fly

my arms weave to a rhythm
to the beat of my heart
and begin to depart

then end the act
I took one concluding breath
and to everyones amazement
I met my death
----------------------------- my execution The guillotine's in sight last chance to confess so i guess its finally time to get this burden off my chest ladies and gentlemen I am a theif from the shadows i came to only bring grief i waltzed on in put on a show and won her favor swift yet slow then we locked lips it was unreal I breathed happiness no pain to feel then sunshine was scarce i lived to fight i tried for forever but i shattered that night so on the ball room floor i did my part i whispered goodbye to break her heart then stood there laughing as she began to shout i let her scream and let her cry out and my dear friends i'm going free because as you were distracted i stole the key now my shackles are off so heres to farewell but I know i'll be back with more heartbreak to tell -------------------------------- The Run Away doors are locked your eyes are shut fist through window knuckles cut the alarm is blaring lights turn on i run up hallways its almost dawn i break through mahogany your door meets ground you stare in shock and move around i grab you quickly put you against the wall i cover your mouth as your parents call they pass your door i let you free our smiles collide you laugh at me its almost 5 sorry im late now lets leave this town lets leave this state to be old fashioned lets leave a randsome ill call you gorgeous you call me handsome we go through the back almost in the clear and we dont even care that the sirens are near key in the ignition thats it we're done 5 minutes till the highway we drive into the sun we live happily ever after we make fairy tales true we define the classics just me and you -----------------------------

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