Love in the Eyes of the Goddess

October 6, 2008
So I know this one person that lives like a god
Praised by many though everybody knows that he’s flawed
He lives up high in the sky
And looks down at the chicks that try to fly
Up in the air but if you go to high you will miss the sky and he won’t say good bye
All that’s left with them is the heavenly sent of cigarettes and weed
That is all he fiend
Chicks weren’t enough so he collected a few girls named smut
Nicknamed Aphrodisiac because of his lust
He messed with the head of the goddess of love
Made him stand out like red blood on a dove
But of course he was hated by none
To him nothing was done
So he kept on bleeding and fiening with his lungs
Still floated on cloud nine all the time did he shine
But one day I saw his face and joined the race
For his heart that was already falling apart
So I tried to mend it with my hands
Using paper clips and rubber bands
I told him I can be his friend
He told me I’ll teach you how to bend
I said I don’t understand
He said don’t worry about it man
So we went on long walks
Talked and talked
Had some ice cream and interpreted each others dreams
I told him I wasn’t his girl but I loved him
At the same time he told me he felt smothered
I asked why
But he didn’t reply
Walked away with my best friend
Then told me look babe this is the end
I said that’s a lie
And he didn’t reply
Then my best friend texted me
Hey he messed with me
I told her forget you
She said see you soon
I said before you betray me
And play me with my best friend
Will you tell me why then
He said to many questions and so little time
Then licked the tear off my cheek as I cried
I whispered in his ear tell me your name
Not the one that gave you fame
He brought me real close and unlike most
Close enough to hear his heart
Because he was afraid his words would fall apart
All of a sudden I felt his heart skip a beat
As I heard him say something
Sounded like Scooby or Beauty maybe even Goofy
Then he let me go
Said look I gotta go
I said wait I still don’t know your true name
He said hey I gotta play the game
But before I could say a word he put his hand on my heart
I told you already my words they fall apart
But it’s ok, did you feel that sharp pain
Everything then connected in my brain
Quickly I ripped my shirt open
And what wasn’t spoken was true
Engraved in my heart his name signed lover
Then he turned around and said he felt smothered
He left me with a kiss and a bloody t-shirt
Then I remembered this wouldn’t work
If you mix love with lust what is left in the middle
Sat there thinking while the cat played his fiddle
Till I had a random revelation
Ended up running to the train station
There he was
Standing there untouched
He said look I wasn’t made for lust
And these words I speak you must trust
If you are who you try to hide
Please do not lie and then beautifully reply
Silence filled the air
At that moment I lost all my cares
I unzipped my jacket and dropped my cloak
Right there he knew what wasn’t spoke
He said, you shine brighter than the sun
Aphrodite you carry beauty like non
Quickly when I realized what I just did
I put on my jacket and cloak then hid
He yelled, wait why do you hide
Because of who I am I replied
If they know who I am people will try to take advantage
My love is not my advantage
He said if that’s what you think I’m trying to do
Let me be honest with you
I was attracted to you from the start
That’s why I was afraid my words would fall apart
Nothing made sense because of who you are
You live amongst gods in the heavens and the stars
Do you know where I live, past the silver lining on the way to cloud nine
That is not where a goddess should resign
Love is not blind nor is it just
Understand that you must
He paused for a minute to hear if I would speak
See if I would answer why I was being so discreet
Well, I said
Watching his nodding head
I live with a curse yet is a blessing in descise
Because sometimes with love people end lives
Love is no longer what it used to be
Corrupted and raped of its own beauty
And I never deserved it
Man kind has ended up leaving me deserted
But I cannot give up my immortal soul
But act as if I am a mere mortal alone
I did not want to get so deep
But what else can you expect from me
You would think this would end with a amazing kiss
But what happened next was ridiculous
We got so close we were breathing each others air
Suddenly heard a loud scream, Hey what you doing down there!
By the time we looked up they came down
And made a loud sound when their feet hit the ground
Calypso, Athena what brings you down at this time
I’m just chilling with a boy is that truly a crime
You guys are my sisters not my mothers
Some how you always make me feel smothered
They said at the same time do you know who he is in a godly voice
I said he is not a mortal you can speak in a regular voice
They both gave me this dumbfounded look
And when I glanced behind me he looked shook
His name is Aphrodisiac because of his lust
Then Calypso said don’t you remember him and his brothers messed with us
Ok yes I know what he did
I’m telling you now he is a changed kid
Athena said, look he got a whack name
Plus he has that notorious type of fame
He stood up and said may I speak
All three of us turned around, NO! Have A Seat!
He sat there with his foot in his mouth
He was scared out his mind no doubt no doubt
We discussed and argued for 3 days and 2 nights
Goddesses do not need sleep you knew that right
I finally got them to go away
And whispered not to quietly he get up babe
Thank the gods you guys are finally done
For a second there I was feeling kinda numb
Look I don’t know if we should stick together
Even writing that last line took forever
With fire in his eyes he asked what have I done
Do you realize how you make me feel so dumb
I said , why do you speak as if this is forever
Don’t get me wrong we will be together
Do you not remember what just went down
Do you not realize by my love I am bound
He said I live by assumptions and false accusations
Like everyone else you have made these accusations
I understand that my brothers have done your sisters wrong
But that doesn’t make our love less strong
But if that’s how you feel let me leave you with this
A piece of my heart with some rubber bands and paper clips
We both shared a smile and a few tears
Then I took of my chain and said here
I know it’s just a trinket and not a heart
But if you wear this I promise your words won’t fall apart
We shared our last kiss with a nice smile
Then stood there hugging for a while
I still have that piece of his heart that he gave me
Hidden in a box some where that says save me
We haven’t seen each other in 8 months and 3 moons
But I write in the stars to my love see you soon
And he writes in the clouds a visit is much over do
Every now and then we talk as if nothing has ever changed
Even though a lot has changed
He is the only one that I have ever truly loved
Even though we stand out like red blood on a dove

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