October 2, 2008
By Anonymous

Key to My Heart:
This is the key to my heart.
You can see its many worn edges
it shows of usage, and old ages,
just like me.
I've given many people this key;
all have used it against me.
I've been beaten and torn,
Scarred and scorn.
I thought I would learn,
I didn't.
I gave my heart away.
That will change today.
No more will I be betrayed,
No more will my heart ache.
I am changing.
I'm going to be cautious.
I've finally realized
only I can make my dreams come true.
Only I can make myself happy.

Good Vs Evil:

Isn’t it frightening?
This world she’s created.
Filed with mass darkness,
Coldness that chills your bones.
What can you do but cower,
Obey every command she gives?
You can be that flame,
Filling the darkness with light.
‘Bow down and fear’ She commands
But you stand tall and brave.
Will you use your powers for good or for evil?
What you chose will either save us or destroy us.
What will you chose?

Away From all the Pain:
I miss you with all my heart
Especially now that we're so far apart
I really wish things could have changed
But now they will never be the same
So many times I wonder why
I didn't join you in the sky
I made a mistake
And Now its too late
The time has come
Even though I'm young
To end this shame
I'm the one you should blame

The Lonely Hearted
To all the people who've been hurt:
A lone wolf howls,
at the majestic moon above.
An answering cry,
Admits from the village below.
Not from a wolf,
But a girl instead.
A great similarity lies between,
Both life stories.
Something not noticed, something irregular,
Something the untrained mind cannot comprehend.
But I understand,
For I too answer their cries.
We've all felt this painful heartache,
A longing to be loved.
So many times we've been pushed away,
Oh but not today.
Today we’ll start over;
we will join each other forming our own pack.
So if you've ever felt alone, hated, or useless, like we have.
Listen for the call of a lone wolf;
it waits for the answering cries of the
Lonely Hearted.

The author's comments:
I am sixteen and already have gone through many trials in life. Poetry has literatly saved my life. I thought I would let the world see some of my work.

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