Drugs and Things

October 1, 2008
By Anonymous

Back is wet, stomach dry, sway with the rhythm of the sea
finally over being high but this ain't where I want to be.
Arms stretched outward, I'm still floating, looking up toward the sky
no pearly gates or crowns of thorns, just schools of fish, the sun, and I.
It seems the current never ends, it carries on and it never began
'cause when I turn around I see no shore, the waves have pushed me out again.
I can't get up and dry myself, never going to walk on water
can't get chained to the drugs and things that pull me down like a heavy anchor-
to the darkest depths of the blackest water
I'd be suffocating and falling lower
toward a treasure chest at the very bottom
seductively asking "do you wanna?"
my gills are pumping but I'm not gonna
these drugs have bites like cruel piranhas
it seems I've forgotten what this life is worth,
throw in the towel or bring me back to earth.

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