The Return

October 1, 2008
By Anonymous

I return
to the pitch black house
to the house without words
to beds populated by the dead
I fall to my knees
to the cold wooden floor
to search, inquire, and weep
asking the rosaries
hanging from the beds
will the pain subdue?
By my window flys a blackbird
twelve black wings and an eye
and a tongue for each member of my family
He blinks, another dies
will the pain subdue?
To the house without words
belongs an angel of passion
his venomous sword quivering above my head
Please dont tease, please
just end my life
I search, inquire, and weep
asking the rosaries
hanging from the beds
will something good come?
come to a darkened broken home
If I burn will something good return?

The author's comments:
First off I have nothing to hide and nothing to be scared of, so I will never be dishonest to you about myself or ,my opinion on you. I've messed up and been messed up, but every hit was worrth it. It was only worth it beacuse I felt it, because I knew it was real. Life is real.I have just recently "found myself" as most people call it. I love it. I'm living it different every day. I'm unscripted and uncensored.I'm strong and opinionated. I'm also pretty sure that you can't handle me, sometimes it feels like I can't even handle myself. What I say is what I mean. What I say is what you will judge me by, not from what you hear. What I do is my own decision. I don't make failures I make mistakes. What I do can not be erased, but it can be forgotten. So I choose to live an unforgettable life. I have chosen a road that only ends in great prosperity.I will overcome all obstacles and conquer all battles on the to put it plainly stay out of my way or you will get knocked down. I have been walked all over and slapped way to many times to ever trust another human being again, so don't be offended if I dont tell you everything. I am a very secretive person and sometimes I hold my secrets inside so long that they come out and not just blow up in my face but everyone elses too. If I hurt you it's not intentional, most of the time it's because I'm scared to love anybody. I won't judge you, i actually don't think that I am capable of judging someone due to all the stupid reckless stuff I have been through. Reading, writing, and photography is my life. I have a true talent for them too..I think. It's what has kept me sane all these years. I love my family although they are far from perfect..I love them all the same. I have one of the strongest families I have ever seen and I like to say that it is beacuse of them that I am as strong too. I love them with all I have and always will. I have the greatest handful of friends in the world. Be JEALOUS!! So yeah all I have to say is this is me and my world and if you dont like then get out. My life aint perfect and it aint planned..its so random that even my head spins sometimes.But I like it that way. So either join me on the ride or step back. ~La Diosa~

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