October 1, 2008
By Anonymous

Recovery is everything
Recovery at just
Age seventeen.
These drugs I lust
Mind now set on staying clean
Trying hard to gain back lost trust
It all started at fourteen
Took a fall and fell in love with angel dust
Poppin ecstasy at age fifteen
My dreams are a blur time to re-adjust
At first it was no problem but now I’m just a fene
Sometimes I just wanna give up!
Staring at the liquor filled cup
I made a promise to myself I wouldn’t pick up
It’s so intense I start to heat up
It’s Life or death
Hit the pipe time to relive stress
I pray for my next and every breath
I changed my life and stopped using it was a success
I found my own peace and serenity
I can think clearly now I’m rockin everyone at chess
I’m the beholder of my true identity
Looking forward to the future so I don’t regress

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