Being There

September 28, 2008
Being there means to listen to my voice
The person inside
That I desperately try to hide
From those who don't understand me
And what it truly means to be alone, so cold

Being there means to be around
To bring back the laughter
It must be found
Its been long gone
To long has it been withdrawn

Being there means to chase away the hurt
That burns within
A dreaded evil fear
That sacrifices all those i hold dear

Being there means to wipe away the sadness
Which lingers
On each tear
That I shed

Being there means to always be two steps behind
To hear what's on my troubled mind
It is you who I should find
Behind me to use your shoulder to cry on

Being there means simply to being exactly were i need you,
Always have an open ear, shoulder and mind
Always be ready to defend me
Understand me when no one else does
Comfort me when I'm down
And just being yourself
That's enough

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