September 26, 2008
By Anonymous

He stole my childhood, my innocence, my pride.
Now I have so much to hide.

He's my mothers friend, yes, that's true.
But he did something nobody should do.

He did something to me that noone can fix.
I remember it all, though I was only six.

It haunts my memories. It never goes away.
It just follows me day by day.

Now I sit her tattered and torn.
I wish that I was never born.

I finally find somebody I trust to tell.
And tell him this guy deserves eternity in hell.

He holds as I cry and tell him it all.
He holds me tight so that I don't fall.

Now I'm afraid what will happen next.
In the book of laws, what says the text?

I can't believe I said anything at all.
So I'll just continue to sit here and bawl.

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