The Wondering Sole

September 25, 2008
By permagrinn BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
permagrinn BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Watch how the sole wonders away from the light that shins before him.
He finds there’s some thing he needs to do.
Something that’s to late to fix.
There’s was so much that he didn’t do.
He didn’t get to say to good bye to his love.
Or he didn’t get to see his little sister grow up.
He let go to fast.
Lost control of the wheel.
He was hit by a drink driver and didn’t make it threw.
Wondering if his sister is still alive.
He never knew.
He’s back in the hospital.
See’s his family cry .
Looks at the blanket that is now over his life less body.
He sees his mother hugging his father.
Now he wonders if his little sister is ok.
He starts to walk to other rooms and finds his little sister alive and well.
His family soon joins him in the room.
Not knowing he’s standing over them.
The doctor comes in and says she’ll be fine just a few cuts here and there but she’ll live.
He sees joy in his family’s eyes as they find out they wont lose another child.
The boy walks up to his sister and tells her good bye.
The sister whispers his name.
The boy tries not to cry.
Tells his sister to be strong.
That he’ll be watching over her.
And disappears.
The girl wakes up to the news that her brother has died.
She brakes down and cries.
Sad that she couldn’t be by his side.
Her mom gives her a note and said your brother wrote this for you.
The letter reads:
I’ll watch over you for ever.
Now and forever.
I love you little sister.
Another tear rolled down her face.
Her only regret was she didn’t say good bye.
They Barry her brother a month later.
On his grave she leaves a later that says:
You’ll always be by my side
Till the very end.
I love you brother.
P.s. I wont tell mother or father you were there.
He’s a lost sole now.
Stays by his sisters side.
Avoids the light that shall pass by him.
In till the day she dies he’ll be a lost sole.

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