The Wall

September 25, 2008
By Anonymous

Mother,father,family,friends thank you for putting the bricks in place
Every tear drop after a year long night
When I can't even find rest ultimatums leaving me fleeting freedom or isolation nothing seems right
And I don't want to speak because I can't find the words
To tell someone who loves me that I love them back
Even the ability to confrom to the crowd is something I lack
Yes these days put somber bricks in the wall
But in this numbness my problems are small
Every blood drop from a fight provoked by mindless hate
Fights I didn't want but had to take
When years of degradations where taken out on the undeserving
Even fights won left me yearning
Standing up in rage making threats I can't keep
A bloody eye is what I reaped
Yes these days put blood red bricks in the wall
But with this loss of rage i feel no pain at all
Mother marries abusive
then she marries oppressive
After abusive thought she learned her lesson
My father counts me as an insane ward
Hatred in his heart is what he stored
No matter what mask or road or religion o position I chose it was never right
So I chose a bleeding heart and a creative light
Oppressive only wanted my mother for his own
He can't wait until I am out of his home
So in the psychiatric prisons I'm known
But my heart turns to stone
Tears can't fall fro eyes that don't condone
The pain
Yes these days were void black bricks into the wall
But in the light of this flame I am the freest of all

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