Bird-Dropping Spider

September 24, 2008
By Kathryn Paterek, South Plainfield, NJ

My mouth salivates with salty venom.
I can see your wings, pale blue denim.
Fluttering down, my feast is near,
But I will not destroy you yet my dear.
My stomach aches like a hunger, burning
Like I swallowed acid. It is yearning
For a morsel of nutrients I cannot kill,
Until the night creeps over the hill.
Calaenia Excavata, is what I am called
Scientifically in Australia, my name is appalled.
I dangle like a trapezist on a single, wire thread,
Releasing female pheromones to bring to bed
A trusting moth, drawn to the scent.
I will not be ashamed. I will not repent.
I fool you as a piece of disgusting waste.
‘O how I will love you’re succulent taste’
As I savor each bite, the body fluid drips
Like a leaking faucet over my leg tips.
I smell the blood, the meat, the flesh,
That comes from a death that occurred so fresh.
So mighty moth, go on, flutter by,
Tonight’s the night when the Grim Reaper is I.

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