What she did for Glue and Cocaine.

September 15, 2008
By Anonymous

'hey you,..'
i'm standing on the corner of my mind,
and i'm reaching out for some mental illness.

I feel that need,
scratching at my teeth.

I feel that sickness,
sinking my stomach in my sleep.

i feel that ease,
from the thought, it'll be here soon.

i feel that fiend,
to be faught coming near; walking away from the late moon.

something new,
another day, another diet.

mix up some pills,
take some new, toss the old.

why dont you try it?
Better fought and lost,
then sat in fear to win some battle.

proven point.
of standing out and letting go.

so, this is what you stand for?
crack head mentalities?
story repeated.

with every word you got.

fighting hard for something worth 80,000 braincells.


The author's comments:
All my family have called me the follower all my life and to this day. But I have always had proof to show that my opinions are my own.

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